My Interview with Delaware Public Media – Tom Byrne

February 07, 2018

On January 31, 2018, I sat down with Tom Byrne of Delaware Public Media. Tom was kind enough to let me rebroadcast this as an EOA episode. Tom’s write-up about it can be viewed here and says:

“In a political climate that has become increasingly fractured and divisive, politicians at times seem more like partisan caricatures rather public servants.But a former State Senate candidate here in the First State is trying to get beyond the rhetoric to learn more about people holding political office around the country, telling their stories rather than delving into their positions on policy.

In this week’s Enlighten Me, we sat down with Spadola to chat about his podcast.”

Time stamps of questions:

0:47 – What was the inspiration for starting this podcast?

2:20 – Does the country need a more grassroots approach to politics?

3:40 – Why have you focused on more local level politicians?

4:40 – How come you focus on the person’s story and not policy?

6:40 – What are some of the consistent themes you’ve heard?

8:50 – How far along are you in the process?

9:60 – What is the reaction you get when reaching out to officials who don’t you?

11:20 – How has this podcast influenced you about running for office again?

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