David Oh: First Asian-American City Councilman for Philadelphia – Episode 5

September 14, 2017

David Oh was the first Asian-American ever elected to Philadelphia City Council. Recently stabbed in front of his home by a random assailant, hear David’s thoughts on rehabilitation, how Perry Mason influenced him, and what the country can learn from Philly politics.

4:40 – What were your first thoughts about running for office?

8:10 – Who told you not to run initially?

12:00 – Who told you not to run in 2011 after losing twice?

15:20 – What motivated you internally to run again?

22:00 – What would you say to a young person thinking about getting involved in politics?

26:15 – What can we do about rehabilitating offenders? What about your assailant specifically?

29:20 – What’s a personal habit you attribute to your success?

33:00 – What can we do as a country to work together again?

38:00 – What can the country learn from Philly politics?

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