Season 1,

Colin Bonini – From “The Longest Shot” to Senator

September 21, 2017

Declared “The Longest Shot” to win by the Newsjournal, Colin Bonini defied Party leaders who told him not to run in 1994. He was then elected at the age of 29. Hear his thoughts on the trouble he had gaining support initially, coping with losing a statewide race 51% to 49% in 2010, and how the government crushing his car shaped his political views.

2:38 – What was your first interest in politics?

5:08 – Who told you not to run? 

9:40 – Colin discusses his 2010 State Treasurer Race where he lost 49-51.

11:26 – What would you do over about 2010?

12:10 – How did you manage the emotions after the numbers came in for 2010?

15:40 What would you say to a young person interested in politics, thinking about running?

19:00 What’s a big life lesson you’ve learned from politics that anyone could relate to?

20:36 – What’s your personal habit for success?

21:50 – Prior to being married, did being single help or hinder you politically?

22:40 – “The great thing about politics is there’s no age limit: young or old.”

24:40 What can we do as a country to work together again?

27:45 – Colin tells the story of his car getting literally crushed by authorities.

33:30 – Colin reflects on his 2016 gubernatorial run.

34:00 Would Colin run statewide again?

35:00 How would Delaware look today if Colin had won as Governor? Hint: still in special session.

36:30 Would marijuana be legal?


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