Dan Feltes – New Hampshire’s Youngest State Senator

September 28, 2017

Dan Feltes is the youngest New Hampshire State Senator since the 80s. Hear about Dan’s journey, and some choice quotes from Robert Kennedy, Joe Biden and Barack Obama that have inspired him.

2:00 – Dan discusses the hefty legislative salary he receives.

6:30 – Dan discusses his first race in 2014, where his predecessor didn’t support him.

9:10 – What other hurdles did your first campaign face?

13:40 – Can you take me to the darkest time of the campaign?

17:50 – What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned?

21:20 – Why should young people get involved in politics?

24:50 – Is having an advanced degree a prerequisite for running for office?

27:20 – What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

31:10 – What book would you assign to a graduating class?

33:00 – What’s a personal habit of yours?

35:00 – What would your message be to the country?

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