Mike Ramone – The Man Who Wouldn’t Give Up

October 05, 2017

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R-Mike Ramone lost 4 elections, yet found the fortitude to run a 5th time – and won. A remarkable story about never giving up, my favorite part is at 30:10 when he discusses his victorious election night in 2008.

2:00 – Mike Ramone discusses his first race.

3:50 – Ramone discusses the second race.

7:15 – “To me, being successful in politics is about building relationships.”

7:25 – Ramone discusses his 3rd race.

13:13 – How could a young person expect to fundraise so much money?

15:20 – Ramone discusses his 4th race.

18:50 – Ramone speaks about the negativity going into his 4th race.

21:50 – Mike speaks about being finished with politics after the 4th race.

30:10 – Mike discusses winning on election night.

30:50 – What’s your biggest lesson as an elected official?

36:10 – What can an outsider do to bring us together as a country?

40:20 – What’s a morning routine that helps you?

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