Bill Ferguson – Maryland’s Youngest State Senator

October 12, 2017

D-Bill Ferguson was 27 years old when he beat an incumbent of 27 years (irony). From not being able to make payroll for his campaign stuff to winning, hear how his political innocence led him to beat a Baltimore political dynasty.

2:30 – What is a day in the life of a Maryland state senator?

6:30 – “I didn’t know it was inappropriate to run against a long-time incumbent.”

15:30 – Is it healthy to not have any opposition from the other side?

16:50 – “We are way too polarized, and way too dismissive of other viewpoints because they don’t fit within our paradigm.”

18:10 – What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?

20:00 – “In politics, relationships matter so, so much.”

20:45 – What has Baltimore learned since the riots in 2015?

23:00 – What’s something you want to do better?

27:15 – What keeps you up at night?

28:10 – How would you fix economic inequality with a magic wand?

29:20 – What book had the most profound impact on you?

30:30 – How important is it to expose yourself to ideas you disagree with?

31:45 – “I left college with a sort of philosophy on the world, that, when I came to teach in Baltimore City was totally shattered.”

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