Chris Pearson – Vermont Legislator, Former Bernie Sanders Staffer

October 15, 2017

Chris Pearson, state senator for Vermont, describes working for Bernie Sanders in the late 90s, how Bernie Sanders raised over $30,000 for him in one day, and speaks about his time in office as part of the Progressive Party, a viable third-party in Vermont politics.

2:30 – Chris describes working on Bernie Sanders Congressional campaign in the late 90s.

3:40 – What’s something about Bernie that you know that most people would be surprised to know?

5:00 – Did working on Bernie’s campaign inspire you to get into politics?

5:55 – “We should reject the leaders we’re not satisfied with and use the tools of democracy to unseat them.”

7:30 – How popular is Bernie in Vermont?

10:15 – Take me to your first race, and talk about the viable 3rd Party in Vermont politics.

12:30 – How did you deal with your first loss?

24:55 – Chris details when Bernie sent out an email raising money for him.

28:30 – What would you say to a young person intimidating by having to raise money?

32:00 – What’s the biggest personal challenge you’ve overcome?

34:00 – What can the country learn from the Burlington school strike?

41:45 – What book had the biggest impact on you?


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