David Wilson – Alaska’s Youngest State Senator

October 23, 2017

Senator David Wilson is Alaska’s youngest state senator, and only their second African-American state senator. In this episode, David talks about Sarah Palin’s effect on Alaskan politics, the heroin epidemic in Alaska, and the challenges he has faced as an elected official in The Last Frontier.

2:10 – Can you talk about Sarah Palin’s influence on Alaskan politics?

7:00 – David talks about his first race.

15:50 – Is it youth that is important to politics, or people that aren’t currently involved in politics getting involved more important?

17:30 – How do we get more young people involved in politics?

21:10 – Did you face any discrimination on the campaign trail?

23:40 – How can we overcome the disunity in the country?

26:10 – Wilson explains the Alaskan political structure right now.

28:10 – Wilson talks about the heroin epidemic in Alaska.

29:10 – Has Alaska made any progress with policy in tackling the heroin epidemic?

31:10 – What can the main land learn from how Alaska does politics?

33:40 – What’s a personal habit that helps you?

36:55 – How do you handle bad public relations incidents?

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