Rep. Ranglin-Vassell – From Housekeeper to Toppling Rhode Island’s House Majority Leader

November 06, 2017

From housekeeper to overthrowing the House Majority Leader, Rep. Ranglin-Vassall was born and raised in Jamaica without running water. Her father didn’t read or write. Motivated by homicides in Rhode Island, she entered the political scene out of nowhere in 2016 and beat long-time incumbent John DeSimone in a campaign that lasted only 3.5 months.

2:00 – Can you talk about your upbringing in Jamaica and when you came to the states?

3:30 – Can you tell me about your first interest in politics?

6:30 – Rep. Ranglin-Vassall talks about what motivated her to run for office.

9:45 – Can you talk about the obstacles the Democratic Party put in your way?

16:00 – Did anyone from the establishment support you?

18:15 – Take me to the darkest time of your campaign.

18:45 – Can you share any stories about the establishment thinking you didn’t have any chance, and how no one thought you were a threat?

20:30 – Did you expect the teacher’s union to endorse you?

22:40 – How is your relationship with your teacher’s union now?

24:05 – Can you talk about any additional hurdles you faced as a women and a women of color in the legislature?

26:15 – Any lessons from being in the legislature?

27:50 – What would you say to a women of color interested in running?

29:00 – How is the heroin epidemic in Rhode Island?

30:00 – What’s the best advice someone has given to you?

31:00 – What can the country learn from the way RI does politics, or Jamaica?

32:15 – What’s the biggest personal challenge you’ve overcome?

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