Rob Jones – A True American Hero

November 11, 2017

File this one under “Future Elected Officials of America.” In 2010, Rob Jones volunteered with his Marine Corps unit to go to Afghanistan. While searching for Improvised Explosive Devices, Rob was struck by one, causing both of his legs to be amputated just above the knee. Rather than sit around and sulk, Rob is pushing forward in life while raising funds and awareness for veterans’ causes. On Veterans Day 2017, he completed a full month of marathons: 31 marathons in 31 days. I had the privilege of chatting with Rob the day before he completed his month of marathons right. Take a listen, and please don’t be shy about donating to his worthy cause at Rob Jones Journey.


2:50 – Can you talk about enlisting in the Marines?

3:45 – Do you come from a military family?

3:55 – You grew up on a farm in Virginia?

4:45 – Did growing up on a farm push you towards joining the Marines?

5:45 – Why the Marine Corps branch specifically?

7:15 – You volunteered to go to Iraq in 2008?

8:00 – Can you talk about what you were doing in Afghanistan?

10:05 – How many missions did you complete?

10:45 – Can you take me to that day?

13:15 – What’s your first memory after it happened?

14:15 – What were the Marines around you doing?

15:20 – What do you remember about coming to in Landstuhl?

16:15 – What thoughts are going through your head in Maryland?

16:55 – What do you remember hearing about your prognosis?

18:15 – Can you talk about your mood and your morale after?

18:45 – Was it ever in doubt that you would walk again?

21:15 – Can you take me to the darkest time of your recovery?

22:15 – Do you remember the first conversation with your mother?

22:45 – Can you talk about your other fundraising activities?

23:30 – How much did you raise with the bike ride?

24:30 – How did the idea of the month of marathons come about?

26:00 – What is your fundraising goal with this?

26:20 – What are your thoughts on the state of veterans today?

28:05 – Did a doctor sign off on this for you?

29:15 – What was the lowest point of your marathons?

30:15 – Can you talk about how your sense of humor has helped you?

31:15 – Would you go back and not enlist?

33:30 – What would you say to the person who planted the IED?

33:45 – What’s your gameplan after completing the mission?

34:15 – What’s the best way for someone to follow along your journey?

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