Brian Pettyjohn – Victory in 37 Days

November 20, 2017

Georgetown, DE native Brian Pettyjohn was elected to the Delaware State Senate on November 6, 2012. 38 days prior, he wasn’t even a candidate yet. After rumors of sex crimes surrounded the Republican candidate and likely winner Eric Bodenweiser, Brian began a campaign to win over not only the voters but also to even get his name on the ballot. Hear how he did both.

5:20 – Pettyjohn talks about his first race for Georgetown Town Council.

6:30 – Brian talks about why he decided to re-enter politics.

12:40 – Brian talks about his dealing with the Sussex County Democrats during the court ordeal getting him on the ballot.

14:40 – What was the most discouraging moment of any campaign of yours?

15:40 – Why would Eric Bodenweiser primary an incumbent with those charges looming?

16:30 – Did you consider listening to the criticism from the Republican leaders?

18:30 – What’s the biggest lesson lesson you’ve learned?

19:50 – Can you tell me about election night when you learned you won?

23:10 – What’s the best advice you ever received?

24:30 – What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as a public official?

25:00 – What book had the biggest impact on you?

27:00 – What would you say to someone who might have been dissuaded from running for office?

28:10 – What’s the biggest personal challenge you’ve overcome?

29:20 – Can you reflect on your recent public relations incident?

35:00 – What can we do as a country to come together?


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