Candidate Series: Elizabeth Lockman – Delaware State Senate

January 02, 2018

Delaware State Senate District 3 has a primary on its hands: long-time incumbent D-Robert Marshall is being challenged by Jordan Hines and Elizabeth Lockman. In this interview, Elizabeth Lockman reflects on how the beginning of her campaign has gone, some of the challenges she has overcome in her life, and what it is like being an unconventional political candidate.

“Life is about how you respond to challenges.” – Elizabeth Lockman

1:40 – Can you talk about some of the emotions involved in campaigning?

5:40 – What has been the scariest part of your 6 week campaign?

8:20 – What kind of resistance have you faced from the Party?

10:45 – How would your teachers in middle and high school describe you?

13:20 – What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome?

19:20 – Have we made any progress with education?

26:30 – What is the best advice someone has given you?

28:20 – What would you say to someone fighting the same fears you faced?

31:15 – What’s the best way for people to follow along?

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