Candidate Series: Jordan Hines – Delaware State Senate

February 12, 2018

Jordan Hines is the youngest candidate for state senate in Delaware for the 2018 election cycle. He is in the midst of a 3-way primary for the District 3 seat currently held by Robert Marshall, who was first elected 12 years before Jordan was born. In this episode, Jordan and I delve into his childhood in the foster care system, how the arts impacted him, what kind of resistance he has gotten from people about running, City Council’s discretionary fund, and more.

2:20 – How has the race been going for you so far?

2:38 – What are the constituents telling you?

3:15 – Do you feel intimidated by the enormity of what you are taking on?

3:55 – Have you had any conversations with Robert Marshall or Tizzy Lockman?

4:20 – Can you speak more about growing up in the foster care system?

6:00 – Have you had any contact with your birth parents?

7:00 – How did the arts impact you?

9:20 – What did you do at the Register of Wills office and City Council?

11:00 – What is your take on the City Council’s discretionary fund?

11:40 – What would you do to prevent spending excesses?

13:50 – What is your burning issue?

16:50 – Has the party tried to talk you out of running?

19:10 – Have any public officials been behind you 100%?

20:00 – Why do you think it is important for young people to get involved?

21:40 – What policy proposals do you have in regards to the heroin epidemic?

22:40 – What would you do to help unify the country?

25:30 – What would your message to be the country?

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