Paul Bailey – State Senator for Tennessee (Rural America)

February 19, 2018

Senator Paul Bailey represents an area of rural Tennessee where Donald Trump received a whopping 75% of the vote. In this episode, we talk about the real estate boom going on in Nashville, how the state legislature has supported tourism in Tennessee, the reasons behind Senator Bob Corker not running for re-election, the heroin epidemic, and more.

2:00 – Is CB Trucking a family business?

2:30 – How much overlap is there between your industry and legislation?

3:00 – What was your first interest in politics?

4:15 – How did the party politics play into you being appointed?

6:30 – What resistance did you get from the party?

7:15 – Can you talk about how your wife came to accept you running for office?

9:05 – Can you take me to the darkest time of your primary campaign?

11:45 – What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an elected official?

13:30 – Can you talk about the heroin epidemic in Tennessee and any progress made?

15:15 –  Has the state done anything to help Broadway Street to be what it is today?

16:45 – Has local control helped Broadway Street?

17:52 – What is the best advice someone has given you in your life?

19:15 – What is the biggest personal challenge you’ve overcome?

21:00 – What can we do as a country to unify again?

22:00 – Do you think it’s important for young people to get involved, and how can they?

23:20 – What other advice would you give to a young person seeking to run for office?

27:00 – How is Senator Corker not running for reelection affecting Tennesseans?

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