Julie Emerson – Louisiana’s Youngest Legislator

April 15, 2018



“Almost 70% of millennials identify with the Democrats – and many of them think they are ‘socialists.’ Socialism isn’t outside the box, it IS the box.” We must help millennials escape this fantasy. SHARE if you agree.

Posted by Julie Emerson on Wednesday, January 3, 2018


At the age of 26, R-Julie Emerson beat a Democratic incumbent in 2015 to become the youngest legislator in Louisiana. The star of a viral video, she believes that millenials should gravitate towards the GOP and move away from progressive politics. As a legislator, Julie is dedicated to fighting off bad legislation and repealing some nonsensical laws still on the books in Louisiana, such as a mandatory 72-hour waiting period for a marriage license. Take a listen and see if the next wave of GOP legislators has any hope in winning over millennials.

2:40 – What was your first involvement in politics?

7:40 – When did you announce you were running for office?

10:50 – What was the darkest time of the campaign for you?

12:25 – How did you filter out the bad advice from the good advice?

13:40 – What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

16:20 – What is your biggest accomplishment as a Republican?

18:00 – What is the silliest law in Louisiana you’re fighting?

20:50 – Have you encountered resistance from the floral industry in loosening regulations?

23:40 – Do you think President Trump is setting back the GOP?

28:00 – What would you say to a young person scared about running for office?

36:20 – What do you think we can do as a country to come together again?

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