Anthony Delcollo – Delaware’s Youngest State Senator

September 18, 2017

In 2016, Anthony Delcollo overcame a gigantic registration disadvantage and won against a 26-year incumbent. In this episode, Anthony discusses the tragedy that marked the beginning of his campaign, how being adopted has shaped him as a person, and some personal challenges he has overcome.

1:30 – You pulled off a major upset, how did you win?

3:00 – Did you win, or did your opponent lose?

5:00 – What was your first interest in politics?

7:20 – Did you face any resistance from people you cared about or people that are influential in the community advising you not to run?

11:00 – How did you handle the emotions of the untimely passing of your mother right before your campaign launch?

14:50 – Talk to me about the darkest time in the campaign, when you didn’t think you would win.

17:20 – How was election night?

22:30 – What’s been your biggest lesson so far as an elected official?

26:20 – Can you reflect on being adopted and how it has shaped you as a person?

32:30 – What’s the biggest challenge you’ve dealt with?

35:30 – What’s a personal habit of yours that helps you?

38:00 – What would you say to other young people thinking about going into politics?

44:30 – What book had the most profound impact on your life?


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