Eric Brakey – Maine’s Youngest State Senator

September 25, 2017

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Eric Brakey is Maine’s youngest State Senator – elected at age 26 in 2014. Motivated by Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, Eric embraces a libertarian mindset and is currently running for US Senate. Hear more from Eric, and about his unique background as an actor.

1:40 – What got you interested in politics?

12:35 – What kind of resistance did you get from the Party?

20:55 – What about young people concerned about people using their past against them?

23:25 – What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

25:15 – What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

33:25 – How we can unify the country?

35:55 – What does it say about the state of politics when the name of a bill will get it to pass because legislators are scared to vote against it?

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