Season 1,

Mike Castle: From Underdog to Governor – Episode 1

August 15, 2017

Mike CastleA statesman for the ages, Mike Castle is a legend in Delaware politics. First elected as a state representative in 1966, Castle won election after election as a Republican in a blue state, advancing to state senator, Lieutenant Governor, Governor and finally Delaware’s lone Congressman from 1992 – 2010. Hear about how a chance encounter with an acquaintance got him started in politics, how it came to an end in 2010 in a bitter primary for U.S Senate, and his reflections on his career and the divisive nature of politics today.

1:40 – What got you started in politics?

14:40 – Congressman Castle discusses if he misses politics.

15:50 – Are politics more divisive today?

19:55 – What would you say to a young person thinking about running for office?

23:40 – What were some hardships experienced during your first campaign?

29:40 – What is your biggest life lesson from your time in elected office?

30:45 – Congressman Castle shares his biggest achievements.

35:15 – Congressman Castle shares his thoughts on welfare reform.

37:30 – Who do you hold in the highest regard?

39:25 – Congressmen Castle discusses who sacrificed the most for the country.

41:50 – What is your biggest regret?

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