Recap: Chicken Soup for the Candidate’s Soul

January 23, 2018

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Does the campaign trail have you down and out? Tired of being told to drop out of the race, that you can’t win, all the while missing every fundraising target you set? Have no worries – you’re not alone and you’re not the first. Countless underdogs before you have overcome considerable odds while faced with the same hurdles and difficulties that you’re going through right now. In this recap episode, we hear from legislators from Alaska to Delaware who beat the odds:

2:00 – D-Matt Meyer beat a three-term incumbent to become County Executive of New Castle County, DE. He speaks about the troubles he had getting support from public officials, fundraising difficulties, and he shares a story from former Virgina Congressman Tom Perriello. Full episode here

5:00 – I-Alex Torpey was elected Mayor of South Orange, NJ when he was 23 years old. He talks about people laughing at him when he knocked on doors, and he shares his thoughts on where the bar is set for people thinking about jumping into the ring. Full episode here

7:20 – D-Rysheema Dixon survived a crowded field and was elected to an open at-large City Council seat in Wilmington, DE in 2016 when she was 29. She speaks about how she had to filter outside noise and chatter and listen to her gut about being ready to run, not other people. Full episode here

8:25 – In what was the biggest political upset in Delaware in 2016, R-Anthony Delcollo beat a 26 year incumbent, who was also President Pro Tempore of the state senate. He pulled off that victory despite being out-registered 2 to 1. He reminds us where all modern-day entrenched incumbents started off, what people said to him about his race, and the importance of having a great team behind you. Full episode here

10:45 – R-Colin Bonini was elected in 1994 when he was 29. He talks about the total lack of support he had from the Republican party, his thoughts on if and when people should run for office, and the lack of an age limit in politics. Full episode here

13:15 – Maine’s youngest state senator and US Senate candidate, R-Eric Brakey, beat a long-time Democratic incumbent in 2014 at the age of 26. He reflects on his own Party leadership finding primary opponents to run against him. Full episode here.

14:30 – R-Mike Ramone lost 4 races before winning a Delaware State House seat on his 5th attempt. He reflects on lessons from losing, how grueling the process was, and the importance of trust. Full episode here

15:50 – D-Bill Ferguson was 27 years old when he beat a long time incumbent in a Democratic primary to become the youngest state senator ever in Maryland’s history. He talks about how people thought he was crazy, how tough it was raising money, and why he would encourage young people to run for office. Full episode here

20:40 – D-Marcia Ranglin-Vassell was born in Jamaica as one of 9 kids. She didn’t have running water growing up and worked as a housekeeper after coming to the states. She became a teacher and then, out of nowhere, she ran against the House Majority Leader in Rhode Island in 2016 and beat him in the Democratic primary. She talks about how you can’t be afraid to run. Full episode here

22:00 R-David Wilson is Alaska’s youngest state senator. He talks about a colleague who tried to talk him out of running for the seat he now holds, the lack of need for money in a local race, and the accessibility of politics to everyone. Full episode here


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